When it all Began
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When it all Began

So.... How did I decide to open up a yarn store? Good question! Here it goes. 4.5 years ago (Fall of 2017) sitting in the driveway, as that seems to be the best time to introduce a new thought to him as he is only half-focused on the conversation and says yes without thinking ;-). I told my husband I was going to get a job, kids were grown and out of the house, I was lonely and becoming depressed. I used to be a school teacher and said I just wanted to be a teacher's aid, didn't want any homework when I came home from work. My sweet husband said, no, you are not going to work for anyone. and I said, yes I am. he then said, what have you always wanted to to do? I stated that "you said there is only room for one entrepreneur in the family and you were it." He insisted, and I said, I have always wanted a yarn store. Seven months later I had a yarn store. My husband, funded my whole venture with the intent of supporting me and my store until I was ready to close up. Of course, he thought this was just a hobby, little did he know how driven and competitive I was (am) nor did I. 

I love my yarn store, customers, and my dear sweet husband who has invested in me and my dreams.

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