Trials of a shop dog!
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Trials of a shop dog!

Well, the week started out great, Bella has been her sweet loving self, happy go lucky. Tuesday or Wednesday, days run together turned out to be somewhat of a failure in dog training. Now, Bella is a very smart dog and a great manipulator (as she has my husband Bob wrapped around her tiny paw). The day started out great until Bella decided she was not getting enough attention from me during the working day. So, even though we took her on multiple walks, she decided to poo in the store, not one time, but 3 times. Unfortunately, the second time she pooed, a customer stepped in it and walked a little bit in the store. Now, what Bella did was very intentional. As she did her business right beside a customer that i was giving a private lesson to. When I got up to help a customer, she walked right over, looked at the customer and pooed!

So, Kim and I are now cleaing up dog poo. I was so disappointed in Bella. Once the store cleared out and I was alone, she walked over to me, brought me her squeaky toy and barked - come play with me! She won.

Now, on another note, yesterday, Friday, she really misbehaved and nipped at the UPS man who was making a delivery, didn't break the skin, but he had marks and a bruise. This time I am devastated. I am now convinced Bella is not meant to be a shop dog. I am so very sad. I am also struggling with something I have always said, "if any of my dogs bite someone, they are gone." But, I can't bear to let her go, cause I love her so very much. So now, in the meantime, she will stay at home and I will continue to work on training her.

Bella is so good with my grandkids, they carry her around like a baby and she loves it. Please keep me and Bella in your prayers, for a miracle that she will not continue her aggressive behaviour with strangers.

Have a great weekend!

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