Bella and more....
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Bella and more....

Well, Bella is doing much better. The trainer said time out was not strong enough consequence for her behavior of nipping and growling. So, I now pin her down and say "NO" very strongly. This seems to be helping quite a bit. She is such sweet girl with such a sweet face, I hope she continues to improve, so I can trust her around other people, as I love her so much.

On another note, we had a great 4th year birthday/anniversary party. The ice cream social was a hit, so much fun. Not sure what I will do next year! Thank you all for your continued support, this is a great "family" we have have created. I loved hearing all the chatter, seeing people knit and visiting with each other. Some brought their children. This is my Hallmark moment. Another Hallmark moment is when I take the take the trash out on Wednesday night and peek in the window, I see the lights and everyone knitting. It makes me cry for joy! Again, thank you all.

I am now knitting on a surprise Christmas Kit, the yarn is dyed by Small Batch Yarns. Hoping to get an idea of the retail cost, but right now I am loving it and the colors, and the pattern! I might show snippets of the color way as I go along. It will be a lap throw, and will be available November 1. ;-)

blessings, and love to all,

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