Yarn Store Boutique News http://www.yarnstoreboutique.comhttp://www.yarnstoreboutique.com/modules/news.htm?rssfeed=1 Mon, 08 Aug 2022 11:31:18 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Bella and more.... http://www.yarnstoreboutique.comhttp://www.yarnstoreboutique.com/modules/news.htm?newsId=10656 Well, Bella is doing much better. The trainer said time out was not strong enough consequence for her behavior of nipping and growling. So, I now pin her down and say "NO" very strongly. This seems to be helping quite a bit. She is such sweet girl with such a sweet face, I hope she continues to improve, so I can trust her around other people, as I love her so much.<br /><br />On another&nbsp;note, we had a great 4th year birthday/anniversary party. The ice cream social was a hit, so much fun. Not sure what I will do next year! Thank you all for your continued support, this is a great "family" we have have created. I loved hearing all the chatter, seeing people knit and visiting with each other. Some brought their children. This is my Hallmark moment. Another Hallmark moment is when I take the take the trash out on Wednesday night and peek in the window, I see the lights and everyone knitting. It makes me cry for joy! Again, thank you all.<br /><br />I am now knitting on a surprise Christmas Kit, the yarn is dyed by Small Batch Yarns. Hoping to get an idea of the retail cost, but right now I am loving it and the colors, and the pattern! I might show snippets of the color way as I go along. It will be a lap throw, and will be available November 1. ;-)<br /><br />blessings, and love to all,<br />Doris Trials of a shop dog! http://www.yarnstoreboutique.comhttp://www.yarnstoreboutique.com/modules/news.htm?newsId=10623 Well, the week started out great, Bella has been her sweet loving self, happy go lucky. Tuesday or Wednesday, days run together turned out to be somewhat of a failure in dog training. Now, Bella is a very smart dog and a great manipulator (as she has my husband Bob wrapped around her tiny paw). The day started out great until Bella decided she was not getting enough attention from me during the working day. So, even though we took her on multiple walks, she decided to poo in the store, not one time, but 3 times. Unfortunately, the second time she pooed, a customer stepped in it and walked a little bit in the store. Now, what Bella did was very intentional. As she did her business right beside a customer that i was giving a private lesson to. When I got up to help a customer, she walked right over, looked at the customer and pooed!<br /><br />So, Kim and I are now cleaing up dog poo. I was so disappointed in Bella. Once the store cleared out and I was alone, she walked over to me, brought me her squeaky toy and barked - come play with me! She won.<br /><br />Now, on another note, yesterday, Friday, she really misbehaved and nipped at the UPS man who was making a delivery, didn't break the skin, but he had marks and a bruise. This time I am devastated. I am now convinced Bella is not meant to be a shop dog. I am so very sad. I am also struggling with something I have always said, "if any of my dogs bite someone, they are gone." But, I can't bear to let her go, cause I love her so very much. So now, in the meantime, she will stay at home and I will continue to work on training her.<br /><br />Bella is so good with my grandkids, they carry her around like a baby and she loves it. Please keep me and Bella in your prayers, for a miracle that she will not continue her aggressive behaviour with strangers.<br /><br />Have a great weekend! When it all Began http://www.yarnstoreboutique.comhttp://www.yarnstoreboutique.com/modules/news.htm?newsId=10608 So.... How did I decide to open up a yarn store? Good question! Here it goes. 4.5 years ago (Fall of 2017) sitting in the driveway, as that seems to be the best time to introduce a new thought to him as he is only half-focused on the conversation and says yes without thinking ;-). I told my husband I was going to get a job, kids were grown and out of the house, I was lonely and becoming depressed. I used to be a school teacher and said I just wanted to be a teacher's aid, didn't want any homework when I came home from work. My sweet husband said, no, you are not going to work for anyone. and I said, yes I am. he then said, what have you always wanted to to do? I stated that "you said there is only room for one entrepreneur in the family and you were it." He insisted, and I said, I have always wanted a yarn store. Seven months later I had a yarn store. My husband, funded my whole venture with the intent of supporting me and my store until I was ready to close up. Of course, he thought this was just a hobby, little did he know how driven and competitive I was (am) nor did I.&nbsp;<br /><br />I love my yarn store, customers, and my dear sweet husband who has invested in me and my dreams.